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Pain that are directly connected to emotional states

8 kind of pain that are directly connected to emotional states

Your body and spirit are more intertwined than you think. And injury to one means injury to the other. So, if you suddenly start experiencing a physical ache that you cannot attribute to any tangible cause, chances are the culprit behind it is your emotional state.

Headache If you get severe headaches at the very time when your life seems topsy-turvy, you’ve got a pain in the head caused by stress (1). This kind of a headache is extremely common and also recurring. Which is why it’s not a good idea to pop a painkiller. Instead, you should try treating it by doing things you love or activities that relax you, such as reading, meditating, taking a walk, etc.

Neck pain Pain in the back of your neck arises when you find it difficult to let something or someone go. It can also be linked to an unwillingness to forgive and forget, either yourself or somebody else.

Shoulder pain Has something been bothering you a lot lately? This emotional blockage can result in pain in your shoulders.

Upper backache When you don’t get the kind of emotional support you need, especially from the people you rely on, you will probably feel a stiffening pain in your upper back. This pain is roused by feelings of loneliness or being unappreciated or unloved.

Lower backache If you find yourself constantly embroiled in worries concerning your financial situation, you will experience pain the lower back of your body. It’s understandable that money issues can be really bothersome and, at times, depressing too.

Elbow pain A stagnant life is what causes a stiff and achy elbow. That’s why sometimes, it’s good to break the mold and do something different.

Hand ache Strange and rare as it may be, sometimes you can feel a tingling pain in your hands. This pain arises when you fail to connect to the people in your life the way you would want to. Alternatively, it could also stem from associating with toxic people.

Hip pain The hips and legs are closely connected, so a pain in the hip can indicate an unwillingness to take a step ahead in life. You may do this out of fear of the unknown, thinking that your life may get worse than it is.

Homeopathy for Emotional Healing So many people today have repressed emotions. These emotions don't let them enjoy the bright side of life. As a result, I see so many patients coming for consultation for having different physical conditions as well as depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, stress etc. In my practice I have realized that most of the time the origin is due to some past unresolved emotions that layers up to more annoying emotions and ultimately leading to their physical manifestations as a symptom.

As a Homeopathic consultant, my effort is to work on those unresolved layers to help them move up for better feeling emotions. The patient is soon able to let go and Express the stuck emotions.

If you prefer conventional treatments you can get instant relief form the outside symptoms. But, the conventional pharma is not any way designed to work with inner emotions. In fact it creates dependency loop whereby the symptoms become more potent in time affecting other organs and functions. With Homeopathic remedies, a homeopath matches your own unique symptoms to the remedies. This stimulates your natural vital force to get stimulated for self healing to take place.

NOTE- consult a qualified homeopath before self medicating. If you still have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message on 8200787621 or email me at and I will get back to you soon.

Dr. Sonali Bhangale

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