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Mouth ulcers

Causes of mouth ulcers (Apthae of mouth or Muhe kae chalae)

-Accidental Tongue bite while eating food

-Accident abrasion caused by harsh brush used during brushing teeth

-Consuming over spicy things

chicken, fish

-Due to hormonal fluctuations in females


-Irritable bowel syndrome

-Weak immune system

-Gluten allergy

Here are some remedies to seek relief from mouth ulcers:

-Chew four to five leaves of holy basil (tulsi) and drink water. This helps to cure mouth ulcers.

-Eating raw tomatoes is another remedy for ulcers. Also, gargle using tomato juice.

-Another good tip is to mix a pinch of turmeric along with a teaspoon of glycerin. Apply this paste on the sores.

Homeopathy provides safe and effective treatment for mouth ulcers. Homeopathy medicines help in healing of the ulcers. It also prevents the tendencies of ulcer, reducing severity and progression of the disease. Homeopathy treatments the root cause of the illness.

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