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Depression: Down in the dumps

What is Depression?

Everyone feels sad or “down in the dumps” at times, but the sadness usually goes away. However, for some people, these sad feelings remain for a long while. A person who feels bad for a very long time might have depression or anxiety or both, called Anxiety-Depression Disorder. Depression is a disease that affects a person’s moods.

Moods are the way a person feels and how he or she expresses those feeling. Someone who suffers from depression may feel sad, angry, irritable, tired, confused, guilty, or worthless. A person who is depressed may lose interest in almost everything he or she used to enjoy.

Depression can cause physical changes in the body, too. A person with depression may have aches and pains and other health problems. Depression also changes the way a person acts.

Somebody who is depressed may yell and throw things. He or she may not eat enough or eat too much. This person might have trouble sleeping or feel so tired that he or she stays in bed most of the time. Depression can have a serious effect on a person’s life. It can cause problems with school, a job, family, and friends.

Depression is not a weakness or a personality problem. It is painful for the person who has it. The disease can also be difficult for the person’s family and friends. The good news is that a person with depression can be helped.

Depression may now be defined in terms of the following attributes:

  1. A specific alteration in mood: sadness, loneliness, apathy.

  2. A negative self – concept associated with self-reproaches and self-blame.

  3. Regressive and self-punitive wishes: desire to escape, hide, or die.

  4. Vegetative changes: anorexia, insomnia, loss of libido.

  5. Change in activity level: retardation or agitation.

Symptoms of depression

Emotional Symptoms

  • Depressed mood, “blue” feeling

  • Irritability, anxiety

  • Anhedonia, loss of interest

  • Loss of zest

  • Diminished emotional bonds

  • Interpersonal withdrawal

  • Preoccupation with death

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Self criticism, sense of worthlessness, guilt

  • Pessimism, hopelessness, despair

  • Distractible, poor concentration

  • Uncertain and indecisive

  • Variable obsessions

  • Somatic complaints (particularly in elderly)

  • Memory impairment

  • Delusion and hallucinations

Vegetative Symptoms

  • Fatigability, no energy

  • Insomnia or hypersomnia

  • Anorexia or hyperrexia

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Psychomotor retardation

  • Psychomotor agitation

  • Impaired libido

  • Frequent diumal variation

Homeopathic treatment:

If he symptoms are persistent for a long time and if they repeat frequently, one must immediately visit a good Homeopath. In Homeopathy mind symptoms are explained so well and in detail with excellent and effective medicines on them.

People mostly neglect such thoughts and develop a chronic depressive state where suicides rate very common. Homeopathy treats the root cause of the illness. Eg. Tendency in the family or cause outside. It naturally makes your mind strong and competent to face the world as it is. It enhances mental, physical and emotional health naturally and this increases the natural adaptability of mind. People take lots of chemical treatments which causes drug dependency for long time or life long. Which has more side effects, like it numbs your brain from normal active functioning and you work like a robot under the influence of drugs.

Homeopathy works wonderfully to cure brain chemicals and other psychological and physical damage naturally without drug dependency. It is better to approach first to a Homeopath than choosing it as a last option.

A study results claimed that in many clinical findings Homeopathy can cure many psychiatric problems and autism, OCD, agoraphobia, suicidal depression, hysteria, sleep disorders as well. Some studies of case analysis have shown the curative effects of homeopathic remedies for fear and phobias.

Home Remedies: one can cope up with depression by regular exercise, sports, meditation, yoga and healthy diet.

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